Ericsson Digital Services Portal

  • Client : Ericsson
  • Start date : Mar 2018
  • End date : Sep 2019
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UX/ UI design
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Network management aaS
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Network Management as a Service solution brings the functionality of the Ericsson Network Management and Automation domain to end-to-end management of the monitoring, trouble shooting, configuration and optimization of networks through automation rules.

My task as Senior UX designer was to work independently on Design task. I join the project at a very beginning stage and I had the possibility to follow all the step of the development. This project had the possibility to be one of the first to adopt the new Ericsson Brand guidelines and with this our team had the possibility to work very close to the Brand team and the team that manage the UI framework. In my day to day task I was involved in:

  • Work through wireframes, visual designs and prototypes.
  • Collect the requirements and present the design to the stakeholders.
  • Drawing user flow, journey, and Personas.
  • Test the prototype at the end of each sprint.
  • Quality assurance for the front end code.
  • Design the UX/UI for interactions in the app
  • Maintain a steady pipeline of designed features.
  • Advising colleagues on choice and application of appropriate user research methods and tools to assure best practice and ensure that research findings are robust, actionable and suited to the overall aims and objectives of the project.
  • Supporting accessibility, assisted digital, and inclusive design practices and helping teams design and deliver accessible services that work for all users.
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The Digital Services Portal is designed to allow an operator to manage its aaS applications with minimal effort, from modifying the configuration, capacity and functionality of the system, to dynamic monitoring of its performance

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