About Luis Landi

I am a seasoned UX professional with a passion for crafting user-centered designs that drive business success. With a wealth of industry experience, I bring a unique blend of creative thinking, strategic vision, and deep empathy for users to every project I undertake.

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Mobile and Desktop Design

Information Architecture



User sentiment analysis


Usability test

Visual Design

User research

My Design Approach

User Research and Insights

I prioritize user research and insights to gain a deep understanding of user needs, motivations, and pain points.

  • Conducting interviews and surveys
  • Analyzing user behaviors
  • Gather valuable insights

Iterative Prototyping and Testing

I follow an iterative approach to prototyping and testing. Starting with low-fidelity prototypes, I gather feedback and validate design concepts early on. Through continuous iterations and refinements based on user insights and usability testing, I ensure that my designs are user-centered and effective.

Collaboration and Communication

By working closely with stakeholders, including developers, product managers, and business teams, I ensure a shared understanding of project goals and constraints. Regularly communicating design decisions, progress, and findings keeps stakeholders engaged and aligns design efforts with project objectives.

I follow a meticulous design process that combines creativity, research, and data-driven insights. From understanding user behaviors and pain points to ideation, prototyping, and iterative refinement, I ensure that every design decision is grounded in user needs and aligns with project goals.